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Unistrut Metal Framing Components

Pneumatic Conveying Components
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NBE offers a full line of Unistrut metal framing components for mechanical support of pneumatic dry bulk material conveying. Unistrut components available from NBE include steel channel, spring-loaded nuts, threaded rod, beam clamps, and pipe and tube clamps.

Ordering NBE Unistrut Components

To order unistrut components online, be sure you are logged into the NBE Component & Accessories Store. Next, specify the quantity of unistrut components or other component(s) you wish to purchase. Then, click 'View My Shopping Cart' to review your order. To place your order, click 'Submit'. An NBE representative will call you to confirm your order.

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Most items typically ship the next day. Contact NBE to confirm your ship date.

Item No.Product Description
8UN375HXNUT3/8" Hex Nut for Unistrut - sold per box of 100.
8UN375SPNUTBX3/8" Unistrut Spring Nut - Box of 100.
8UN500HXNUT1/2" Hex Nut for Unistrut - Box of 100.
8UNC375CNUTBXCoupler Nut for 3/8" Rod. Sold by the box of 100.
8UNC375TR12'3/8" Unistrut Threaded Rod - 12' Sections.
8UNC375TR6'3/8" Unistrut Threaded Rod - 6' Long
8UNC500TR121/2" Unistrut Threaded Rod - 12' Sections.
8UNC500TR61/2" Unistrut Threaded Rod - 6' Sections
8UNCH162510Galvanized Slotted Unistrut Channel, 1 5/8" square & 10' long.
8UNCH162520Galvanized Slotted Unistrut Channel, 1 5/8" Square - 20' Long.
8UNWASH3753/8" Flat Washer for Unistrut - Box of 100.
8UNWASH375L3/8" Lock Washer for Unistrut - Box of 100.
8UNWASH5001/2" Flat Washer for Unistrut - Box of 100.

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