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NBE Compression Couplers for Bulk Material Handling Equipment

Pneumatic Conveying Components
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NBE compression couplers provide an extremely versatile coupling method for joining threaded or unthreaded pipe, tubing, conduit, and PVC pipe with bulk material handling equipment. NBE compression couplers are made of rust- and corrosion-resistant, heavy gauge, zinc-plated steel. Gasket types are available for applications including food grade, high temperature (up to 500 degrees), chemical, oil, and abrasives. To view specifications of NBE compression couplers, select a compression coupler type from the listing below.

> Coupler - With Black Gasket
> Coupler - With Black Gasket and Gasket Protector
> Coupler - With Red Silicon Gasket
> Coupler - With White Neoprene Gasket
> Coupler - With White Neoprene Gasket and Gasket Protector
> Gasket Protector - Stainless
> Gasket, Red Silicone with Ground Strip
> Gasket, White with Ground Strip
> Gasket, Black with Ground Strip
> Gripper Coupler
> Coupler - Instalok

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