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NBE Material Conveying Line Adapters

Pneumatic Conveying Components
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NBE's conveying line adapters are designed to ensure efficient conveyance of dry bulk solid material through main lines to receiver lines or equipment. NBE offers multiple adapter sizes, wall thicknesses, and materials to match specific process line requirements.

NBE offers a variety of adapter types to meet your needs.

To view specifications of NBE adapters, select an adapter type from the listing below.

> Cap - Aluminum
> Lateral Adapter - Aluminum Tube
> Lateral Adapter - Aluminum Pipe
> Lateral Adapter - Carbon
> Lateral Adapter - Stainless Tube
> Lateral Adapter - Stainless Pipe
> Lateral Parallel Adapter - Aluminum
> Lateral Parallel Adapter - Stainless
> Line Size Adapters - Aluminum Tube
> Line Size Adapters - Aluminum Pipe
> Line Size Adapters - Stainless Tube
> Line Size Adapters - Stainless Pipe
> Tee - Aluminum
> Tee - Carbon
> Tee - Stainless
> Wye Adapter - Aluminum
> Wye Adapter - Carbon
> Wye Adapter - Stainless

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